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Nail Files

Nail File x5, the essential accessory of your handbag for a perfect manicure but also a pedicure. This nail file therefore has 2 sides:
Thanks to its small size, the Nail Files allow a better comfort of use easy to carry in your bag.

- a side with thick grains makes it possible to shorten nails that are too long and to model nails that are too thick (pedicure)
- a face with finer grains allows to gently smooth the nails and give them the desired shape for a manicure

Retail price indicated for 1 set of 5 small white nail files.

Dimension 130 x 15 x 1mm

How to use it well without scaring your fingers? It can be stored anywhere.

Ideal for redrawing the curvature of the nail, the Nail Files allow you to always file in the same direction with the face of the side of the nail towards the center, to avoid doubling them. Then, To regularize the curvature of the nail, file with the face with fine grains.

Manicure tip in 5 steps for beautiful nails. 1- After removing the varnish residue, immerse your hands in lukewarm soapy water for a few minutes to soften the cuticles.
2- Then dry your hands and push back the cuticles with the sticks provided for this purpose. The outline of your nails will be clean and even with your nail files.
3- Polish your nails to make them smoother and shinier.
4- Then file your nails always in the same direction to prevent them from splitting.
5- Finally massage your nails and cuticles with a moisturizer or apply nail polish. Attention, it is essential to always file the nails in the same direction so as not to break the nail fibers (no back-and-forth movements) and to start with the sides (this then determines the shape to be given to the nail). nail: square or rounded)

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